How To Attend

The first step to participating in Ruskin is to attend one of or meetings as a Guest. If you are interested in joining a meeting, please follow the link below to contact the Secretary who will organize your attendance at a convenient meeting. We recommend you attend at least two or three meetings before deciding whether you'd like to join as a Member.

The first step to becoming a Member of Ruskin, is to be accepted as a Candidate. To begin this process, you would write a brief letter to the Society expressing your wish to join the membership; this letter of application would require the signatures of two active Members to be accepted by the Society. Once accepted, a Candidate enjoys all benefits of active membership, except that they do not vote, make motions, or pay dues.

The purpose of Candidacy is to determine if Ruskin is right for you and for Ruskin to determine if you are right for the Society. Depending on attendance and participation, election to membership usually takes about a year. Once elected an Active Member, the Member is able to vote, make motions, and must pay Ruskin dues, which are currently $40 per year.

Please contact the Secretary for more details if you would like to attend an upcoming meeting as a Guest.

Meetings begin at 7:00 pm and adjourn around 10:00 pm.